Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed In Fairfax, VA?

a dental patient in pain from an impacted wisdom tooth needing extraction

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Wisdom teeth are problematic. They are highly prone to impacting other teeth, meaning pushing them, causing crowding, and other issues. They can even cause tooth decay. Plus, wisdom teeth can cause a ton of pain. That is why wisdom tooth removal is important to do before we reach this point. Here is why you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

The Problem Of Wisdom Teeth

As mentioned above, wisdom teeth can cause some serious issues if not taken care of. Especially if your wisdom teeth are impacted, they can cause your other teeth to begin crowding. This can cause damage, decay, or even teeth falling out. 

This is because the way our mouths have evolved has not left enough space for wisdom teeth. As we have adapted and changed through the years, our jaws have become shorter, leaving less space inside the mouth for wisdom teeth. That is why getting them removed is the best option for the vast majority of people.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

The process of removing wisdom teeth is not too difficult for the patient. A pre-operation scan is done of your mouth to get a good view of your wisdom teeth. Once it has been determined it is time to remove your wisdom teeth, planning for surgery begins.

During the surgery, you will be put under an anesthetic. This will help you rest through the procedure and not feel the pain during the procedure. Whilst you are asleep, a doctor will go and remove the wisdom teeth. This requires making precise incisions at sites where your wisdom teeth are in the mouth. Then, carefully remove them with gentle extraction techniques.

This process is not very long. Once started, depending on the difficulty of your specific situation, the procedure takes roughly one hour to complete, sometimes up to two depending on the complexity.

Wisdom Teeth, Where Qualifications Matter The Most!

Many general dentists will claim to be able to remove wisdom teeth. Whilst we never mean to bash their technical skills or importance, oral surgeons have the extra training to understand the complexities of the jaw the best. With additional years of schooling, oral surgeons are in the best position for wisdom tooth extractions because they received specific training for this during schooling.

That is why we recommend Dr. Ibrahim Haron for your wisdom tooth extraction. He is one of the only doctors with surgical experience in hospital settings, going above and beyond the teachings one receives in oral surgeon school. He is one of only six oral surgeons in the area with privileges at Inova Fairfax Hospital due to his incredible talent.

If you are looking for the best oral surgeon in Fairfax, Virginia for your wisdom tooth extraction, your wait is over! Consider scheduling a consultation to meet with Dr. Haron by contacting our office in Fairfax, VA and start living a life without pain or fear from wisdom teeth.

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