The patient is interested in ALL-ON-FOUR but aren’t sure they can afford it? Here are some tips on how to tackle helping patients finance ALL-ON-FOUR Dental Implants.

1. Offer to help them apply for financing

Three popular financing lending options we recommend: Proceed, withCherry, and United Medical Credit. Both require an annual salary minimum of $24,000. To use these options your office will need to sign up for a provider ID number. We like these two as they are a soft hit on the credit score and there is no early payoff penalty.

insurance & financing

2. If they feel they can’t qualify on their own

patient paying for dental procedures

Suggest a co-signer

perhaps offer a second consultation for free so they can bring the co-signer with them and offer them a chance to hear the treatment directly.

dental insurance

Alternative signer

If the patient has too low of credit it might be a better option for their person to apply on their own on behalf of the patient.

3. Bank relationship

dental implant patients getting implant financing

Line of credit

One can ask a patient if they have a good relationship with their bank. When this is the case, a line of credit is a possibility for them to pursue.

Reverse Mortgage

Some patients that own a home and have the bank relationship can apply for a reverse mortgage and get the financing that way.

4. Retirement fund or other investment funds

 If a patient has a retirement fund or an alternative investment fund, some people have opted to do an early payout and obtain the money from this type of fund to afford treatment.

5. Multi-payment options

Oftentimes we discuss multiple payment forms to afford procedures.

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