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Wisdom teeth typically begin to erupt during our late teens or early 20s. Also known as third molars, these teeth are often problematic and are prone to becoming impacted. Wisdom teeth may grow at odd angles that cause them to press against adjacent teeth, potentially causing misalignment, and can damage your jaw. They’re also difficult to clean, making them susceptible to decay. Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure best performed by a specialist. If you need wisdom teeth extraction in Fairfax or Fredericksburg or Manassas, VA, a highly trained and skilled surgeon is best qualified to perform it. Dr. Ibrahim Haron is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who performs extractions multiple times each week. In fact, wisdom teeth removal is one of his top treatments. Patients come to him because he has a reassuring manner and takes the time to explain all options and aspects of their care. As an oral surgeon, he has years of advanced surgical training beyond the dental school level, including a hospital-based residency. To maintain his board certification, he completes ongoing training in the latest treatments and techniques in the field. Rely on his expertise at the first sign of trouble.

Warning Signs of Wisdom Teeth Issues

dental patient undergoing cbct scan

What Wisdom Tooth
Extraction Is Like

Dr. Haron will assess your symptoms and determine if you need your wisdom teeth taken out using our 3D cone beam CT scanner, which enables him to see the condition of your teeth from every possible angle. When you return for surgery, and at every visit, we do everything possible to make you comfortable. That includes providing a stress-free environment and appropriate anesthesia options such as sleep dentistry.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a more complex procedure than a standard tooth extraction, and Dr. Haron may remove the teeth whole or in sections depending on their condition. Afterward, he’ll send you home with a set of important post-operative instructions for you to follow closely. Doing so can help you avoid painful complications such as dry sockets and make for a quicker, smoother recovery.

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