Why Should I Get My Dental Implants From An Oral Surgeon In Fredericksburg, VA?

Dental patient thinking about her dental implant placement options

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When getting dental implants, patients should consider going to the best-trained doctor with the most up-to-date technology. An oral surgeon in Fredericksburg, VA is one of the best-trained dental implant placement dentists in the area. Continue reading to learn more about why patients should consider going to an oral surgeon for their dental implant procedure.


What Do Oral Surgeons Do?

Oral surgeons spend much of their time in school studying the entire system of peoples teeth and mouth structures. This includes the jaw and maxillofacial bones, the joints they connect to, the bone structures they connect to – like cheekbones, the teeth and tooth roots, and the gums. Oral surgeons also spend a lot of time doing procedures during their schooling such as wisdom teeth removals and, importantly, dental implant placements.

With advanced knowledge of patient’s facial bones, an oral surgeon is able to accurately place dental implants in Fredericksburg, VA with ease and guarantee long-term success. The oral surgeon can also receive additional training beyond their education. This continued education can help them drive home concepts they learned in school and learn new techniques to stay modern with their approach to dental implantology.

Can Oral Surgeons Use High-Quality Technology and Materials?

Our oral surgeons also have access to a state-of-the-art medical facility in a modern and caring office with all the standard equipment. With top-notch equipment, the doctor is able to treat any condition in-house, making the patients appointment easier because they don’t have to go to another dental office for treatment.

When it comes to the dental implants themselves, the doctor opts to use the proven research-supported dental implants that have shown they are durable. Through the use of the best materials on the market, the doctor is able to guarantee success where a general dentist may not.


Our Oral Surgeon Can Treat You With Dental Implants in Fredericksburg, VA

Oral surgeons are able to provide a gentler approach than other doctors when placing dental implants. We can help you start your journey to a happier smile with dental implants the right way with our oral surgeon.

Get in contact with Dr. Ibrahim Haron, Dr. David Roe, Dr. Furkan Dogan, and Dr. Camron Fakhar at our Greater Washington Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery office to schedule an appointment with us today! Having worked for years to hone his skills and being one of the only oral surgeons in the entire region with privileges at our local hospital, Dr. Haron is dedicated to providing the best quality care to everyone in need of dental implants.

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