Introducing Surgical Orthodontics

If you’ve been told you need orthodontic therapy by your orthodontist, you may need surgical treatment first. Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy (SFOT), also known as surgical orthodontics, can improve your bite, smile aesthetics, and long-term dental health. Dr. Ibrahim Haron is a highly skilled, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon whose hospital-based training is a true asset to anyone needing orthodontic therapy. Working closely with renowned orthodontists, he has helped facilitate a smoother tooth straightening process for many patients through surgical orthodontics in Fredericksburg, VA.

Surgical Orthodontics

The Benefits of SFOT

SFOT can minimize your risk of gum recession and reverse malocclusion, the misalignment of top and bottom teeth. This therapy moves teeth with minimal risk to your jawbone and gums and can increase the bone volume around the teeth roots, decreasing the likelihood of failure of the roots later. SFOT is considered to be surgically facilitated because your tooth movement is sped up by a periodontal procedure—sometimes being completed in half of the time that orthodontia alone allows.

impacted teeth graphic

Surgical Orthodontics Treatment

SFOT makes the jawbone structure that supports teeth more malleable. Dr. Haron temporarily softens the bone to enable teeth the move more rapidly when fitted with orthodontic appliances such as traditional braces. SFOT can actually grow new bone, which is particularly important if you’ve reached the stage where your bones are no longer growing and developing.

If you have impacted teeth, meaning teeth that never erupted fully through the gums, your SFOT process may involve an “expose and bond” component. After making you comfortable with nitrous oxide and/or IV sedation (sleep sedation), Dr. Haron exposes these teeth by removing a small amount of gum tissue and bone from around the teeth. Once the teeth are no longer stuck beneath the gums, he uses small braces to bond those teeth to their surrounding teeth for stability. Your orthodontist will take care of the final repositioning of your teeth, a step of your treatment that our team can coordinate with the other practice.

Beautifully aligned teeth begin with surgical orthodontics.

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