Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Can Help With That!

an image of a dental implant model where a single dental implant is hovering above it and it has other natural teeth in it.

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When people have missing teeth, they could feel self-conscious about their smile. A person’s dental bite can be thrown out of alignment and their facial shape could change because of their missing teeth. Patients can replace their missing teeth and get a great smile again with dental implants in Fredericksburg, VA


What Are Dental Implants In Fredericksburg, VA?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots – the dental implant post – placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth. How do dental implants stay in place? Well, over time the bone grows around the dental implant post and that holds it in place. The gap is still there, but via a metal connector, the false teeth are attached; revealing a complete set of natural looking teeth. 

There are two different types of dental implants – endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal are dental implants that are placed in the bone. They are the most common type of dental implant, made from material that is safe for the body. Dental implants can anchor one or more prosthetic teeth.  

The second type of dental implant is subperiosteal. This type of dental implant is used when the jawbone isn’t healthy enough to support the endosteal implant. These implants are placed above or on the bone, they are not drilled into the bone.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants In Fredericksburg, VA?

There are many benefits to getting dental implants for those who are considering them, especially for those who have missing teeth. That is because a patient’s whole oral health can be thrown off by having even just one missing tooth. Dental implants provide the closest natural-like replacement to a missing tooth. 

With the way a dental implant is placed, it will replace the missing tooth or teeth in a way that provides stability to a patients mouth for years to come.

Types Of Dental Implants In Fredericksburg, VA

There are several dental implant options for those seeking treatment for their tooth loss problems. Whether it is for a single tooth, a couple of teeth, or a full arch of teeth, there are various dental implant options! 

The first is a single dental implant. These are good for replacing a single missing tooth. Then, there are implant supported bridges, fixing a few teeth in a row. The next step from this is implant supported dentures. Finally, there is the option for full mouth dental implants for a full mouth restoration. There are other implant options as well, such as zygomatic dental implants for those who have severe bone loss.

How Can I Afford Dental Implants?

A doctor’s biggest priority is providing patients with the best dental implant treatments. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. That is why a doctor in Fredericksburg, VA works directly with multiple insurance companies to advocate for their valued patients dental implant treatment. The doctor provides the procedure details to get insurance to cover as much of the process as possible. 

Even then though, dental implants can be rather expensive for those with and without insurance. A dental professional can make this process as easy as possible for their patients, working with patients and their financial needs 100% of the way.  

Dental Implant Surgery Time And Recovery

The placement of dental implants can take a minimum of 3 months or as many as 9 months. The procedure is broken up into multiple appointments to cause as little pain as possible to the patient. A dental professional may recommend that a patient sees a range of dental specialists, from a periodontist to an oral surgeon before the procedure is completely done. 

Dental Implant surgery is broken down into 5 different steps; evaluation (to see if the patients jawbones are healthy enough for the implant), placing the implant, osseointegration (a 2 to 6-month process), abutment placement (used to connect the implant to the missing teeth), and placing the tooth.


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