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Jaw pain can range from a minor distraction to a debilitating condition that causes migraines and makes eating and speaking nearly impossible. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, your bite (the way your teeth fit together), and other factors can all contribute to your ongoing myofascial (muscle-related) pain. With his extensive training and in-depth understanding of the facial anatomy, Dr. Ibrahim Haron, a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is exceptionally qualified to identify and eliminate your discomfort. He’s renowned for helping patients overcome jaw pain in Fairfax or Fredericksburg or Manassas, VA. Count on him to help you regain normal functioning and health.
Jaw Pain

Typical Sources of Jaw Pain

Regaining Jaw Health and Function

When you come in for treatment, Dr. Haron will first perform a comprehensive exam on your jaw. This may include 3D, x-ray imaging that can reveal any underlying issues in the area. If he suspects sleep apnea may be involved, he may recommend that you undergo a sleep test at a separate facility before creating a treatment plan for you. Depending on the cause of your jaw pain, Dr. Haron may suggest relieving it with one of a few treatment options: 


Open-Joint Surgery (TMJ Surgery)

With open-joint surgery, Dr. Haron creates an incision that exposes the jaw joint. This TMJ treatment enables him to fix the jaw, reposition it, or remove any problematic parts of it, when needed.



Arthrocentesis is a minimally invasive form of TMJ treatment that can ease symptoms including jaw soreness and stiffness. For this procedure, Dr. Haron injects a cleaning fluid into the joint using one needle and removes the fluid with a second needle.



BOTOX is perhaps best known for reducing facial wrinkles and making you look younger. It can also be used to relax stressed muscles near the TMJ, which can be the source of neck pain and headaches. Dr. Haron can reduce your pain by injecting BOTOX® into the affected muscles.

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