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Tooth loss can ruin your smile, sap your confidence, and limit your choice of foods. What’s more, it can cause your jaw to decay, requiring even more dental treatment. Dr. Ibrahim Haron can help you find your smile again with solutions from removable to fixed teeth in Fairfax or Fredericksburg or Manassas, VA. A board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Haron has created the foundation for happy, healthy smiles for years by placing thousands of dental implants. These help restore the function, aesthetics, and confidence of your smile for the long term. Let’s examine dental implants and the other tooth replacement options Dr. Haron can offer you below.
implant supported dentures model
Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants (Fixed Teeth)

The best overall option in terms of durability and lasting performance is full mouth dental implants, which replace an entire set of lost teeth. Topped by a high-quality fixed zirconia bridge, dental implants can provide reliable performance for decades with proper care, enable you to eat anything you like, and keep your jawbone strong. They’re considered a fixed option, because your restorations are securely fixed to screwlike implant posts that are anchored (placed) in your jawbone. Thanks to nitrous oxide and IV sedation, you’ll stay calm and pain-free throughout that process.

Dr. Haron is certified to offer the acclaimed TeethXpress® protocol, which gives you a full smile in a single appointment using temporary restorations. He can also offer the Full Mouth Tooth Replacement® protocol, which allows him to rebuild your smile with as few as four implants per arch. For exceptionally precise placement and a smooth procedure, Dr. Haron uses guided surgical technology. In all implant cases, he works with your restorative dentist to ensure you receive your final restorations. He can also recommend a restorative dentist if you don’t currently have one.

implant supported denture

Implant Supported Dentures (Removable Teeth)

Implant supported dentures are the option between dental implants and conventional dentures, and they incorporate some features from each solution. They also have a foundation of implant posts embedded in your jaw, but the restorations are removable. The presence of implants means your jawbone is less likely to decay after your tooth loss. Implant supported dentures offer a secure fit, enable you to eat most foods, and can last 10 years or more.

full dentures

Conventional Dentures (Removable Teeth)

Traditional dentures are more customizable and realistic in appearance than they used to be, and continue to be a popular remedy for tooth loss. Dentures are created just to fit you and can replace several missing teeth (partial dentures) or an entire set of missing teeth (full dentures). They’re a generally stable choice that relies on suction or adhesives to stay in place, but can slip at times. Dentures may last five or more years, do not protect you from jawbone recession, and can limit your enjoyment of food.

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