Effective Treatments for Impacted Teeth

As our baby teeth fall out, they’re replaced by our permanent adult teeth. However, sometimes teeth can become stuck beneath your gums and come in only partially or not at all. These problematic teeth are referred to as impacted teeth. This is common in wisdom teeth, but can happen in other teeth as well. Dr. Ibrahim Haron typically removes problem wisdom teeth, as they’re not essential for dental function and often do more harm than good. In some cases, impacted tooth removal in Fairfax or Fredericksburg or Manassas, VA is the best option for other teeth as well. A form of oral surgery, impacted tooth extraction is best performed by a highly qualified specialist. As a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and member of all the major oral surgery organizations, Dr. Haron has the expertise and experience to know when to perform impacted tooth removal, and when he should consider other options. He’ll always do what’s best for the overall health of your teeth, as well as your dental function and smile aesthetics.
Wisdom Teeth

Saving Impacted Teeth

Dr. Haron is often able to save an impacted tooth from extraction by performing an expose and bond procedure. To do this, he’ll first have you come into our office for a CBCT scan of your mouth, which delivers 3D x-ray images of your teeth from virtually every possible angle. From these scans, he can plan your expose and bond procedure for a future visit. He’ll also coordinate care with your orthodontist, who provides valuable assistance at multiple points during your treatment.

When you return to our office, Dr. Haron will make you comfortable with nitrous oxide and/or IV sedation, which is also called “sleep sedation.” These anesthesia options will keep you pain-free throughout your procedure, and you likely won’t remember any part of it. He’ll then expose the affected tooth or teeth by removing a small portion of your gum tissue, in addition to a small amount of bone surrounding the teeth. With the teeth visible, he’ll then use small braces to connect (bond) the newly exposed teeth to other adjacent teeth for stability. The final repositioning of your teeth is typically performed by your orthodontist.

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Dangers of Untreated
Impacted Teeth

Overcome impacted teeth!

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