Are You Looking For An Expert Oral Surgeon In Fairfax, VA?

an expert oral surgeon performing oral surgery on her patient

Not all oral surgeons are made equal. How do you know which one is the best for you? Finding an oral surgeon who is board-certified, having a variety of experience, and having strong backing from previous patients are three important factors to consider when looking for an oral surgeon. Here is what patients should look […]

Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed In Fairfax, VA?

a dental patient in pain from an impacted wisdom tooth needing extraction

Wisdom teeth are problematic. They are highly prone to impacting other teeth, meaning pushing them, causing crowding, and other issues. They can even cause tooth decay. Plus, wisdom teeth can cause a ton of pain. That is why wisdom tooth removal is important to do before we reach this point. Here is why you should […]

Don’t Let That Blank Space in Your Mouth Fool You

Questioning Dental Patient Hiding Her Missing Tooth In Her Smile

So, you had teeth extracted and/or are missing a few teeth? No big deal, right? Do not fool yourself! There are plenty of issues that come with missing teeth in Frederickburg, VA. You lose the confidence in your smile, you can’t chew the foods you use to enjoy, and so much more. Beyond these though, […]