Are You Looking For An Expert Oral Surgeon In Fairfax, VA?

an expert oral surgeon performing oral surgery on her patient

Not all oral surgeons are made equal. How do you know which one is the best for you? Finding an oral surgeon who is board-certified, having a variety of experience, and having strong backing from previous patients are three important factors to consider when looking for an oral surgeon. Here is what patients should look […]

Anxious About Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

image of three removed wisdom teeth

Anxious about getting your wisdom teeth removed in Fredericksburg, VA? We do not blame you! Getting wisdom teeth removed can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you do not know who to go to. Finding a well-seasoned oral surgeon who will leave you with the best path to recovery is important. Experience matters, which is […]

The Best Ways To Find Affordable Dental Implants!

a happy dental patient after affording dental implant surgery

The benefits of dental implants in Fredericksburg, VA are many and varied. They can provide a more secure foundation for teeth and allow for increased chewing ability, which can lead to a longer lifespan for implant supported dentures. Dental implants also often provide a more natural-looking appearance than traditional dentures or prosthetic teeth. Additionally, they […]